All The Terminator Chicks Are Psycho And/Or Robots

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles »11/25/08 6:37pm11/25/08 6:37pm started out as the show about women who kick robot ass and get the job done. Now it's the show about crazy chicks who can't keep their eye on the ball. Don't get me wrong — it's still one of my favorite shows, and last night's episode still left me eager to see what happens…

THIS Is How You Do A Science Fiction Show About Religion

One of my big worries for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles »11/04/08 5:30pm11/04/08 5:30pm has been the tendency to dip too far into religious allegory. But last night's episode, "Brothers of Nablus?" Totally converted me. I'm now a zealot for the Bible stories in the universe, thanks to Cameron's Old-Testament bloodthirstiness and the…

Everyone's In Therapy On The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Last night's episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles featured Battlestar Galactica's Stephanie Jacobsen. And perhaps in her honor, it was the most BSG-esque episode of the pre-apocalyptic robot-fighting show so far. That was both a good thing and a bad thing, as the Connor clan worked out their issues with… »10/21/08 8:52pm10/21/08 8:52pm

Inside Every Street Girl, There's Really A Psychopathic Robot From The Future

It's funny how easily robot-apocalypse trauma can look like runaway street girl trauma to a trained social worker. Last night's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles »9/30/08 8:51pm9/30/08 8:51pm was back to making the funny juxtapositions between the fucked up stuff in our everyday lives and the supreme fuckage of the robo-slaughter to come.…

You Can't Escape The Beastwizard! (As If You'd Want To)

This moment from last night's Sarah Connor Chronicles illustrates perfectly why the Terminator spin-off show is one of the most inventive and bizarre on television. Our bad Terminator has stolen the identity of an out-of-work actor, George Lazlo, and then gone and wasted 20 FBI agents to the strains of Johnny Cash.… »9/23/08 8:00pm9/23/08 8:00pm

Sarah Connor Chronicles Wants To Be Battlestar Galactica

Sarah Connor's uppercut to her ex-shrink's jaw was one of the most satisfying moments in last night's episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That annoying psychiatrist who kept Sarah drugged and locked up in Terminator 2 finally apologizes to her for being such a jack-ass (after he's just torched an FBI… »2/26/08 4:30pm2/26/08 4:30pm