Terminators Always Come In Through The Front Door

Last night's Terminator episode was pretty much pure win. I love the "dysfunctional family trapped in a cabin with a monster outside" thing. It's always a recipe for goodness. And once again, we saw the show building on the Terminator mythos from the movies without going too far off the reservation. Spoilers ahead. » 12/09/08 2:58pm 12/09/08 2:58pm

Everyone's In Therapy On The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Last night's episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles featured Battlestar Galactica's Stephanie Jacobsen. And perhaps in her honor, it was the most BSG-esque episode of the pre-apocalyptic robot-fighting show so far. That was both a good thing and a bad thing, as the Connor clan worked out their issues with… » 10/21/08 5:52pm 10/21/08 5:52pm

You Can't Escape The Beastwizard! (As If You'd Want To)

This moment from last night's Sarah Connor Chronicles illustrates perfectly why the Terminator spin-off show is one of the most inventive and bizarre on television. Our bad Terminator has stolen the identity of an out-of-work actor, George Lazlo, and then gone and wasted 20 FBI agents to the strains of Johnny Cash.… » 9/23/08 5:00pm 9/23/08 5:00pm

Sarah Connor Chronicles Wants To Be Battlestar Galactica

Sarah Connor's uppercut to her ex-shrink's jaw was one of the most satisfying moments in last night's episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That annoying psychiatrist who kept Sarah drugged and locked up in Terminator 2 finally apologizes to her for being such a jack-ass (after he's just torched an FBI… » 2/26/08 1:30pm 2/26/08 1:30pm

Too Many Skeevy Uncles And Stepdads On Sarah Connor

Did you have a skeevy uncle when you were a kid? One who hung around the house way too much, drank all your parents' beer and shouted random obscenities at your boyfriends or girlfriends? Did you ever wish you could watch a whole TV show about that uncle, plus maybe a skanky stepdad for good measure? Well, then … » 2/19/08 3:00pm 2/19/08 3:00pm

Summer Glau Unscrews Your Head On "Sarah Connor"

They don't make Terminators as tough as they used to, judging from how easily Summer Glau incapacitates one in this scene from last night's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But on the upside, she's a lot better at simulating human emotions than Arnie ever was. Or is it really all just a simulation? Look at the… » 2/12/08 4:00pm 2/12/08 4:00pm