What's The Difference Between A Pitbull And A Princess Of Power?

If ever there was a sign that the election needs to be over already, it may have come in the form of a newspaper suggesting that the ideal Hallowe'en gag for next weekend would be dressing up as Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin superheroes. Yes, we knew that the Republican VP nominee was a popular choice for… »10/25/08 2:00pm10/25/08 2:00pm

Sarah Palin = Star Wars, Hillary Clinton = Star Trek

The Republicans tried to replace Hillary Clinton in the hearts of millions of women voters by giving us Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate. But Palin hasn't quite proved to be the perfect Hillary replacement. Could it be their differing policies? Nah. It's really the fact that Hillary is totally Star Trek »10/08/08 5:38pm10/08/08 5:38pm,…