Pennsylvania And Washington Lead The Nation In Bigfoot Sightings

'Tis the season for year-end stories wrapping up the cultural and political goings-on of 2014. So why not ... "The Year in Bigfoot"? » 12/15/14 8:00pm 12/15/14 8:00pm

Did Bigfoot Just Visit Britain? Watch The Video And Judge For Yourself!

Because whenever Bigfoot makes the news, it's news you can use. Multiple British tabloids are reporting on the recent findings of one Adam Bird, who claims to have captured evidence of a mysterious beast lumbering through the Lincolnshire woods. » 12/02/14 10:39am 12/02/14 10:39am

10 Real-Life Laws That Regulate The Supernatural World

When do you need to tell a prospective buyer your house is haunted? Where do you need a license to practice necromancy or to be reincarnated? And where can you file a lawsuit against a supernatural being? These real-life laws will tell you all that and more. » 6/11/14 10:23am 6/11/14 10:23am

New "footage" of Bigfoot emerges

After five years of research, a group calling itself the Sasquatch Genome Project has released footage of what it says is a female Bigfoot sleeping in the woods. And yes, this is the same group that published the Bigfoot genome in a journal they themselves founded. » 10/02/13 3:30pm 10/02/13 3:30pm

Researchers publish Bigfoot genome in brand-new journal they themselves…

Last November, some geneticists claimed to have sequenced the genome of Bigfoot. People were skeptical. So were all the peer-reviewed journals they tried to publish in. Just couldn't get the damn thing printed. » 2/14/13 6:40am 2/14/13 6:40am

Geneticist claims to have sequenced 'Bigfoot' DNA

A recent press release from DNA Diagnostics opens thusly, "A team of scientists can verify that their 5-year long DNA study, currently under peer-review, confirms the existence of a novel hominin hybrid species, commonly called "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch," living in North America." » 11/28/12 12:40pm 11/28/12 12:40pm

Idaho scientist to search for bigfoot from a blimp

If Bigfoot exists, it's becoming increasingly difficult for it to hide. For years, cryptozoologists have relied on "footprints," blurry photographs and shaky camera footage in their search for proof of the legendary cryptid's existence — but recently, scientists have turned to more rigorous methods of investigation.… » 11/06/12 8:00am 11/06/12 8:00am

It's officially legal to kill Bigfoot in Texas

Cryptid conservationists, be on the alert; it's officially open season on Sasquatch. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, if you can find Bigfoot in the state of Texas, you can kill it. » 5/05/12 8:00am 5/05/12 8:00am

The Rise of Sasquatch Porn [NSFW]

It's like an unholy alliance between furry culture, cryptozoology, and sex. The craze for Bigfoot porn started with Ape Canyon, and now this year has been joined by two new Bigfoot lover flicks. » 12/09/11 4:30pm 12/09/11 4:30pm

Paranormal Investigator Joe Nickell Reveals the Truth Behind Modern…

Paranormal investigator and cryptozoologist Joe Nickell has spent 40 years doing fieldwork and research, digging for the truth behind bizarre phenomena like weeping statues and haunted houses. He invited us to his office to talk about the connections between Bigfoot and alien mythology, life as the token skeptic on… » 8/12/11 2:00pm 8/12/11 2:00pm

Most Pathetic Sasquatch Ever

Bigfoot movies don't get much sillier than Snow Beast, the 1977 TV movie about a mutant Bigfoot attacking a small town during its Winter Carnival. Here are our favorite Snow Beast moments, including the "deadly log rolling attack." » 3/31/11 7:30pm 3/31/11 7:30pm

The funniest, creepiest, and most original io9 videos of the year

Did you miss io9's 1980s-style Firefly intro, (now with more awesome), or Simon Tam's new TV-doctor drama? Don't worry — we've got the best of 2010's original video content, tributes, and the most deranged collection of Found Footage right here. » 12/31/10 10:35am 12/31/10 10:35am

Bigfoot and me: A visit to the International Cryptozoology Museum

The International Cryptozoology Museum is a must-visit destination for monster hunters. J.W. Ocker, author of The New England Grimpendium, made the pilgrimage recently and has the horrifying photos to prove it. Do you dare to see New England's weirdest creatures? » 9/16/10 11:30am 9/16/10 11:30am

The five strangest theories about Sasquatch

There may not be actual giant bipedal humanoids wandering the wilderness, but that hasn't stopped Bigfoot fanatics from coming up with some seriously weird theories explaining all those footprints and blurry videos. » 9/10/10 12:00pm 9/10/10 12:00pm

North Carolina man uses coyote trumpet to summon "beautiful,"…

Tim Peeler of Cleveland County, NC was having a normal night calling coyotes at 3 AM, when suddenly a gorgeous, blond humanoid emerged from the brush. After two totally indecipherable 911 calls, Peeler's quest for the truth has gone national. » 6/16/10 9:00am 6/16/10 9:00am

Reporter Joins Freelance Bigfoot Investigators For A Night In The Woods

In December 2009, a homeless couple in San Antonio called 911 after witnessing a mysterious creature carry away a deer. News 4's Delaine Mathieu recently joined Dallas-based Bigfoot investigators TBIG for an evening of man-ape hunting. What did they find? » 5/05/10 6:20am 5/05/10 6:20am

Sasquatch Vs. Snowmobiles — To The Death!

When sasquatch hunters take down one of the wild beasts — who resembles the Mugatu from Star Trek — they reckon without its enraged mate, in this awesome scene from The Capture Of Bigfoot. Can snowmobiles even the odds? (No.) » 3/10/10 5:30pm 3/10/10 5:30pm

This Is What Happens When You Pee On Sasquatch [NSFW]

A motorcyclist decides to stop and pee by the side of the road... but he arouses the anger of Bigfoot, who seizes on the most convenient part of his anatomy, in this godawful, NSFW sequence from Night Of The Demon. » 1/16/10 2:00am 1/16/10 2:00am

Sasquatch Update, Complete With Bigfoot Flower-Picking

The latest pair of possible Bigfoot sightings has confirmed our suspicions: The Hendersons' favorite house guest hates posing for pictures. A footprint was discovered in the jungle of Sumatra, and yet another candid was taken in Kentucky. » 10/07/09 8:00am 10/07/09 8:00am

OMFG Bigfoot

They found Bigfoot! That's right, you heard me: Bigfoot. For all you disbelievers, they have a picture to prove it as well. No, that's not the remnants of a bear with a gorilla mask thrown on top, that's Bigfoot. Tomorrow, there will be a huge press conference deciding finally whether or not it actually is a mutant… » 8/14/08 4:01pm 8/14/08 4:01pm