At East Texas University, Demon Hunting is On the Curriculum

In the Texas town of Pinebox, football is king and something with tentacles is lurking in the local swimming hole. In this variant for the Savage Worlds RPG system, you might battle chupacabras or zombies, but you still have to ace your anthro final tomorrow. » 6/09/14 2:00pm 6/09/14 2:00pm

Breathe in Space with New Pulp Scifi Game "Slipstream"

If you want to participate in some old-school scifi swashbuckling on savage planets with alien women, your rocket ship has arrived. The game is the latest from Savage Worlds, which specializes in adventures organized around Plot Points rather than GM-created scenarios. io9 co-conspirator Ed Grabianowski writes on his … » 1/29/09 4:30pm 1/29/09 4:30pm