James Wan says The Conjuring is "the opposite" of found footage horror

James Wan is a legend of horror film-making, with movies like Saw, Insidious and Dead Silence under his belt. And The Conjuring, which comes out Friday, might be his scariest film yet. We talked to Wan about how to make a really scary movie, and why his movies are the opposite of "found footage" horror. »7/16/13 2:39pm7/16/13 2:39pm

The Inexpressible Joy of Watching a Hot-Tub Horror Movie Casting Session Interrupted by a Hungry Super-Gator

Happy Friday! To celebrate, here's our favorite moment from the Syfy original movie Dinocroc Vs. Super-Gator. In which a horror movie director, who's clearly supposed to be one of the makers of the Saw series, has two hawt babes in his jacuzzi and tries to get them to show him their best horror-movie screams. Only… »1/18/13 6:31pm1/18/13 6:31pm