Nic Cage pays tribute to Monty Python with Season of the Witch

Nicolas Cage may have hoped Season of the Witch would be a searing Medieval war drama with monsters — but it has more of a Monty Python feel to it. Are you ready to meet the Knights who say Nic? » 1/07/11 1:03pm 1/07/11 1:03pm

Looking For A Few Good Knights And Swordfighters In Austin Area

io9 is seeking some excellent historical re-enactors to stage a sword fight at our South By Southwest party, the evening of March 13. Ideally we'd love folks from (or sympathetic to) the SCA or Renaissance Faire who have cool garb and are comfortable sword fighting among modern folk. But we are also open to any… » 2/22/10 3:47pm 2/22/10 3:47pm

Medieval Ghosts in Google Maps - Again?

What is it with ghosts and Google maps? First it was a nineteenth century ghost in Wales. Now we're seeing the ghosts of fifteenth century knights in Pittsburgh, where so many crucial battles between great kingdoms took place. via Clandestine Industries » 4/08/09 3:48pm 4/08/09 3:48pm