This Is How Space Exploration Was Imagined Before Sputnik

Artists' impressions always played key role in promoting the ideas of space travel, forming our view of future, preparing people for the upcoming of manned or unmanned cosmic missions, spreading the visions of astronomical scientists and aerospace engineers. » 5/03/13 1:07pm 5/03/13 1:07pm

Watch This Commie Retro-Futuristic Space Tale

It is always interesting to see how people imagined the future in certain ages, even so we have the separate trend 'retro futurism' for our viewing pleasure. A few weeks ago I purchased an amazing Hungarian dia film set (of two parts), which was created back in 1960, just one year before Gagarin's flight and one year… » 3/29/13 2:39pm 3/29/13 2:39pm

My Brains, Let Me Show You Them

With magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scans becoming as common as family photos at Sears (maybe even more common), it's no surprise that Flickr is packed with people eager to share pictures of their comely cortical wrinkles. Sometimes these images are goofy ("check out my eyeballs, dude!"), and sometimes quite… » 1/01/08 9:45am 1/01/08 9:45am