Star Wars made entirely out of scarecrows wins best Halloween lawn on…

Behold, Star Wars made entirely out of scarecrows. This glorious Halloween lawn paid special attention to each straw-stuffed detail. Check out the Emperor's lightning hands, Han's belt, the glowing lightsabers, and the Death Star. Truly this is the best Halloween lawn on the planet. » 10/22/12 9:35am 10/22/12 9:35am

The greatest breakthroughs in scarecrow technology of the 1930s

Since time immemorial, humankind has tirelessly attempted to perfect that ominous barnyard manikin, the scarecrow. And if these news reports from the 1930s are any indicator, that decade was a particularly febrile time for anti-corvid homunculi. The following anecdotes come to us from British Pathe (above) and old… » 7/15/12 2:05pm 7/15/12 2:05pm

Irish scarecrow contest is 75% The Wicker Man, 25% The Prisoner

Last month, the All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship was held in the village of Durrow. This year, over 150 scarecrows were placed all around the town, delighting local aficionados of hay-stuffed manikins. » 9/21/11 3:40pm 9/21/11 3:40pm

Cambodian scarecrows keep out malicious spirits using ghost bazookas

If you want to ward off evil spirits, it pays to be wield some serious firepower. Farmers in the Cambodian countryside have thusly armed their scarecrows with spectral munitions. These martial manikins were spotted by the bloggers at Asia Obscura. Here's how they describe them: » 5/08/11 12:15pm 5/08/11 12:15pm

Scarecrow monster movie Husk wants to wear your flesh as a skin suit

In Husk, a pack of teens wind up in some sort of supernatural scarecrow hunting-ground. It's a pretty standard horror film — until the characters start ramming nails and sewing needles into their skin. Also scarecrows are clown-level terrifying. » 1/21/11 7:30am 1/21/11 7:30am