Under The Skin's Alien Seduction Will Get You Where It Hurts

There are few movies as creepy as Under The Skin, the movie featuring Scarlett Johansson as an alien who drives a van around Scotland picking up men. The whole thing is skin-crawling: her patter as she tries to coax men to come with her, her blank stare in the face of horrors, the dispassionate camerawork. It's… » 4/04/14 1:53pm 4/04/14 1:53pm

Under The Skin Is About "De-Eroticizing" Scarlett Johansson

The most striking thing about Under The Skin isn't Scarlett Johansson driving around in a van picking up men on the street and taking them to her lair. Rather, it's the film's weirdly dispassionate viewpoint on some really upsetting scenes. We talked to director Jonathan Glazer about turning his camera into an alien… » 4/01/14 1:18pm 4/01/14 1:18pm

Her looks so good you won't care about Joaquin Phoenix's mustache

A wonderful new trailer for Spike Jonze's upcoming movie Her has arrived, detailing more of the blossoming romance between a Scarlett Johansson-voiced artificial intelligence and a lonely writer named Theodore. I'm not sure which is the scifi part, though: that a man could fall in love with his computer, or that an… » 12/04/13 9:40am 12/04/13 9:40am

Joss Whedon wanted the Wasp and an extra villain in The Avengers

The Avengers was one of our favorite movies of the year, in large part because it avoided excessive clutter, with just one villain and mostly characters we'd met in previous Marvel Studios movies. But now, it turns out that if Joss Whedon had gone with some of his earlier ideas, the film could have been a lot more… » 12/19/12 11:06am 12/19/12 11:06am