How do you make an Evil Dead movie after Cabin in the Woods?

In the new Evil Dead movie, five teenagers go to a cabin in the woods, and wind up raising something... sinister. Does that sound familiar? It's basically the premise of Cabin in the Woods, the horror spoof that Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon put out last year. Was Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez nervous about the… » 4/01/13 3:23pm 4/01/13 3:23pm

Count every single failed joke in the Scary Movie 5 trailer

Here's a fun game — watch the brand new Scary Movie 5 trailer and start counting every single time you were supposed to laugh, but threw up in your mouth a little instead. Yes, the Scary Movie franchise is back with their fifth installment. So get ready for dick thwaps, terrible stereotypes and the deafening sound… » 12/26/12 7:45am 12/26/12 7:45am

The Raunchiest Science Fiction Comedies, Ranked In Order Of Nastiness

This weekend's Hot Tub Time Machine is not the raunchiest scifi comedy of all time. Let's take a moment to pay respect to the trail-blazing filth that came before. Here are some films you wouldn't watch with your grandparents. » 3/25/10 4:58pm 3/25/10 4:58pm

"Scary Movie" Crew Will Destroy Our Genre

From the genius minds that gave us Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2, comes Sci-Fi Movie, supposedly coming next February. There isn't much out there yet, but I'm going to go ahead and hazard a guess that the plot consists of alien fart jokes, Star Wars sex jokes, robot sex/farting jokes, a lot of handycam monster cracks… » 5/08/08 8:20am 5/08/08 8:20am