Forget Oblivion, you really want to know what the critics are saying…

There's only one movie coming out this weekend that continues a long-running franchise and features Lindsay Lohan — that's right, Scary Movie 5 is out today. It wasn't screened for critics, and there weren't any midnight showings, but some folks still managed to review it. » 4/12/13 2:37pm 4/12/13 2:37pm

Count every single failed joke in the Scary Movie 5 trailer

Here's a fun game — watch the brand new Scary Movie 5 trailer and start counting every single time you were supposed to laugh, but threw up in your mouth a little instead. Yes, the Scary Movie franchise is back with their fifth installment. So get ready for dick thwaps, terrible stereotypes and the deafening sound… » 12/26/12 7:45am 12/26/12 7:45am