Aliens Love The Secret Ingredient In Lotus Cat Food: Love (Oh, And…

Horror trashmeister Ted V. Mikels scored with Corpse Grinders, about people who make cat food out of people. But how to up the ante in Corpse Grinders 2? Try aliens who crave cat food made out of people. » 6/05/09 7:44pm 6/05/09 7:44pm

Hammer Films Bringing Old School SciFi Schlock to MySpace

Hammer Films were made infamous by their never-ceasing onslaught of schlocky 50s and 60s horror films (think Christopher Lee in Hammer's Dracula), but they also released several great low-budget science fiction films. Now the company, defunct since the early 1980s, is back. They'll be releasing new films on MySpace,… » 12/14/07 8:00am 12/14/07 8:00am