10 Painful Insect Stings, as Measured by Science

Getting stung by a fire ant hurts. Getting stung by a tarantula hawk hurts much, much more. But how much more does it hurt, exactly? And where does something like a honey bee rank on the pain scale? » 5/21/12 10:33am 5/21/12 10:33am

After 150 different insect stings, this entomologist became a…

If you spend your life studying insects of the order hymenoptera, which includes wasps, bees and ants, you're going to get stung a few times. Justin Schmidt, entomologist at the University of Arizona, never intentionally set out to get stung by as many different species as possible, but entomologist fieldwork… » 8/31/11 8:00am 8/31/11 8:00am