School House Rock uses Star Wars to teach us about "Interjections!"

It's a School House Rock and Star Wars mash-up, so get ready to learn and be entertained at the same time. We could watch a whole mess of these! Thanks to the fine folks over at OneMinuteGalactica for bringing us this beauty. » 2/28/13 11:45am 2/28/13 11:45am

Classic Educational TV Programs that Still Rock Today

Want to school your kids in some science and sociology? Why not go old school? Some of the educational shows that you grew up on are still just as excellent — and relevant — as they were back in the day. » 11/15/12 11:15am 11/15/12 11:15am

15 melodious and magnificent musical fembots

Science fiction, pop music, and reality are chock full o' artificial intelligences that can carry a tune. Here's an entire roster of fantastic singing she-bots who can croon circles around The Rock-A-Fire Explosion.
» 1/31/11 3:50pm 1/31/11 3:50pm

In this iconic video by music video director Chris Cunningham, Iceland's de facto ambassador goes…