The Architect Who Inspired J.J. Abrams' Star Trek

When asked designer Scott Chambliss what influences he and director J.J. Abrams lifted from for the new Star Trek, he listed only one name: Finnish-American designer Eero Saarinen. And it's easy to see why: Saarinen's creations define space awesomeness. » 9/30/09 6:40am 9/30/09 6:40am

A UFO Crashed Between Two Batik-Patterned Skyscrapers

The walkway between the two towers of Jakarta's Shahid Perdana, the building project scheduled to open in 2010, looks like a crashed spaceship. But the towers themselves have traditional Indonesian Batik patterns. Here's a gallery. » 3/04/09 11:40am 3/04/09 11:40am