Sixth-Grader May Have Stolen Credit For Marine Biologist's Lionfish Research

There's a new development in the story about 12-year-old Lauren Arrington's remarkable science fair project about the invasive potential of lionfish. A marine biologist is now claiming that the project was based on published work he did back in 2011 — and that the girl is the daughter of his former supervisor's best… »7/22/14 2:59pm7/22/14 2:59pm

University of Michigan's Risk Science Center offers a quick and handy explanation of the FDA's recen

University of Michigan's Risk Science Center offers a quick and handy explanation of the FDA's recent crackdown on personal genomics company 23andme. Some clean, even-keeled perspective to be had here. For more, see these musings from genomics expert (and member of 23andme's Scientific Advisory Board) Mike Eisen. »11/27/13 7:27pm11/27/13 7:27pm

This is my favorite new bizarro science scandal on the internet

Last year, a psychology researcher named Stephan Lewandowsky published an article based on an internet survey of climate change deniers. In it, he argued that his evidence strongly suggested that people who don't believe in climate change also believe NASA faked the Moon landing, and that the US government created… »3/29/13 9:07pm3/29/13 9:07pm

The best scientific smackdown about evolution you'll read this week

Over at fantastic blog Tetrapod Zoology, paleontologist Darren Naish tells one of the most bizarre, fascinating stories about the debate over evolution you're likely to read. It's the tale of David Peters, a web designer and amateur paleontologist who made a name for himself in the 1980s and 90s by illustrating a set… »8/03/12 7:28pm8/03/12 7:28pm

Scientific journals publish 20,000 fraudulent papers every year

Writing in Nature, science journalist Colin Macilwain exposes a little-known fact about articles published in reputable scientific journals. Every year, 20,000 of them are fraudulent. Scientists fudge their work in these papers about 1% of the time, and it adds up. But now, science institutions are starting to be… »8/01/12 4:28pm8/01/12 4:28pm

New report reveals how corporations undermine science with fake bloggers and bribes

You've probably heard about how the tobacco industry tried to suppress scientific evidence that smoking causes cancer by publishing shady research, bribing politicians, and pressuring researchers. But you may not have realized that tabacco's dirty tricks are just the tip of the iceberg. In a disturbing new report… »3/09/12 5:22pm3/09/12 5:22pm

Science retracts controversial Chronic Fatigue Syndrome study without the consent of its authors

A scientific controversy of operatic proportions has reached a significant turning point today. The drama kicked off in 2009, with a publication in Science that reported a startling link between chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and a virus called XMRV. But today, following a partial retraction issued back in September, … »12/22/11 2:05pm12/22/11 2:05pm