Archaeologists Have Dig Licenses Revoked After "Million Mummies" Claim

A team of archaeologists from Brigham Young University in Utah have had their excavation license revoked by the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry after claiming to have discovered "one million mummies." » 12/23/14 6:40am 12/23/14 6:40am

The Most Hilarious Proofreading Mistake in a Scientific Paper Ever

This is an actual quote from a scientific paper, published recently — and clearly without editing. Apparently the authors didn't think much of one of the papers they were citing. And their publisher didn't bother to edit out their pre-publication snark. » 11/12/14 10:20am 11/12/14 10:20am

Geologists Found "Not Guilty" of Causing Deaths in Italian Quake

An appeals court has cleared seven experts of manslaughter charges after being accused of failing to adequately warn citizens of the risk before an earthquake struck central Italy in 2009. The verdict had outraged many in the scientific community. » 11/10/14 3:40pm 11/10/14 3:40pm

Recently Discovered Big Bang "Smoking Gun" Could Be A Bust

Eight weeks ago, physicists announced that they'd discovered evidence of gravitational waves in the early universe, potential proof that our universe began with a bang and inflated from there. But the most significant cosmological discovery in years might just be an experimental artifact. » 5/13/14 7:20am 5/13/14 7:20am

Japanese Institute To Check 20,000 Published Papers For Irregularities

It's the science scandal that keeps on giving. After Japanese researchers came under scrutiny for questionable data and duplicated images, the RIKEN institute is asking lab and research group leaders to check all of their previous publications for plagiarism and doctored images. » 5/06/14 6:00pm 5/06/14 6:00pm

Co-author of stem-cell study 'loses faith' in paper

After claiming to have developed a novel technique for coaxing the growth of stem cells in an acid bath, Japanese researchers have come under scrutiny for apparent irregularities. In the latest twist, one of the paper's coauthors has admitted that the study should be retracted. » 3/11/14 12:20pm 3/11/14 12:20pm

A potential Nobel-winning stem-cell study is now under investigation for irregularities. Haruko Obokata rocked the science world last month by showing how stem-cells could be reprogrammed by an acid bath. Japan's RIKEN institute has now launched an inquiry following allegations of duplicate images and numerous failed… » 2/18/14 11:30am 2/18/14 11:30am

A Nobel winner has declared a boycott of top science journals, including Nature, Cell, and Science. Biologist Randy Schekman says leading academic journals are distorting the scientific process, encouraging trendy research, and taking bribes. It's a "tyranny," he says, that must be broken. » 12/11/13 2:40pm 12/11/13 2:40pm