Did a Case of Scientific Misconduct Win the Nobel Prize for Physics?

The test meant to measure the electron might be one of the world's most perfect experiments, or it might be the most successful case of scientific misconduct in history. It all depends on how you interpret the scandal surrounding Robert Millikan and the oil-drop experiment. » 4/22/14 11:36am 4/22/14 11:36am

Scientific journals publish 20,000 fraudulent papers every year

Writing in Nature, science journalist Colin Macilwain exposes a little-known fact about articles published in reputable scientific journals. Every year, 20,000 of them are fraudulent. Scientists fudge their work in these papers about 1% of the time, and it adds up. But now, science institutions are starting to be… » 8/01/12 1:28pm 8/01/12 1:28pm