This Is Why Einstein's Brain Was Better Than Yours

Neuroscientists, along with pretty much everyone else, have long suspected that Albert Einstein's brain was somehow unique. A new study now affirms these suspicions, showing that his genius may have arisen from the way the hemispheres of his brain were so freakishly well connected. » 10/07/13 8:00am 10/07/13 8:00am

Father Of Artificial Intelligence To Be Pardoned For Being Gay

Back in 1952, mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing was convicted for gross indecency — the standard criminal charge for homosexuality. After his chemical castration, he killed himself by eating an apple laced with cyanide. Now, over 60 years later, he's set to be pardoned. » 7/23/13 2:40pm 7/23/13 2:40pm

Which scientists would make great superhero sidekicks?

Recently Neil deGrasse Tyson helped Superman find his home planet, Krypton. Seeing a superhero team up with a superscientist was great, but it got us thinking - what other scientists would make a good sidekick? To many of us, scientists are already superheroes, so pairing them up with comic superheroes isn't combining… » 2/28/13 10:00am 2/28/13 10:00am

This Hugo-winning author is also the most dangerous villain on the…

David D. Levine has been many things, including Hugo-winning short story writer and Martian explorer — but now he's taking on a new role: supervillain. Check out this brand new Dr. Horrible-esque video, in which he delivers a "Letter to the Editor" from the supervillain Dr. Talon, from his story in the anthology The Mad … » 1/24/13 10:38am 1/24/13 10:38am

New resolution would see "Darwin Day" recognized this coming February 12

How cool would it be to set aside a day to celebrate the birth of one of the most important and influential scientists to ever walk this good Earth? That's exactly what U.S. House Democrat Russ Holt is hoping to establish — and he's introduced a resolution to Congress that would see February 12, 2013 officially… » 1/24/13 8:40am 1/24/13 8:40am

10 Fictional Scientists We Wish Were Real

Tonight sees the season finale of Fringe, giving us one last look at the brilliant insanity of Walter Bishop. While we love Walter, we're not sure if it would be a good thing if he existed in real life — but there are plenty of fictional scientists we wish were for real. Both for their awesome inventions, and for their … » 5/11/12 10:13am 5/11/12 10:13am

Science fiction needs more scientist heroes — not scientist villains

Science fiction scientists have been responsible for numerous fictional disasters. They've reanimated corpses that have come back to kill them. They've cloned dinosaurs only to utterly lose control of them. They've shrunk their kids and turned themselves into flies. But one researcher is calling for more fictional… » 2/11/12 10:30am 2/11/12 10:30am

10 Scientists Who Experimented on Themselves

Science moves forward by experimentation. Often, however, that experimentation is laughably silly, incredibly frightening, or unconscionably cruel. Since the reaction of most scientists who are faced with such experiments is either, "get a monkey" or "get an unsuspecting human," there are a lot of horror stories out… » 2/25/11 10:00am 2/25/11 10:00am

Scientists may soon be trying to make sense of Hollywood movies at a…

Science on Screen, a series at Boston's Coolidge Corner Theatre in which audiences watch a Hollywood movie and then a scientist uses it to explain real scientific principles, may soon arrive at your local rep theater — thanks to a $150,000 grant from the Arthur P. Sloan Foundation. [] » 1/24/11 8:00am 1/24/11 8:00am

The Real Mad Scientist Is Always Better Than The Movie

Last night, New York's Imagine Science Film Festival featured four short films about mad scientists — but they left out the maddest parts. Even though the films brought some unjustly overlooked geniuses to light — and shed some new light on familiar ones — they were missing some of the most important, and wildest,… » 10/22/08 8:00am 10/22/08 8:00am

A Performance-Enhancing Drug for Scientists and Professors

Barry Bonds isn't the only guy trying to better his game with drugs. If you're trying to compete for the best grants and patents in the cut-throat science industry, you might be taking modafinil (AKA Provigil). Named "professor's little helper" in a Nature commentary today, modafinil is a stimulant that its users compare … » 12/19/07 11:00am 12/19/07 11:00am