Last Minute Holiday Gifts You Can Buy Or Make

Right now the stores are flooded with shoppers trying to squeeze in some last-minute gift shopping. So what's a discerning science fiction fan to do? Don't settle for the final scraps at the stores — we've compiled a list of presents you can make or purchase online, without any threat of "out of stock" signs. It's a… » 12/21/11 1:43pm 12/21/11 1:43pm

io9's Ultimate Futuristic Gift Guide for 2011

It's that dreaded time of year, when you face your greatest challenge: Finding presents for all your friends and loved ones. But don't worry! We've got your back — with our indispensable guide to the best gifts for science fiction fans and science nerds. » 12/14/11 5:00pm 12/14/11 5:00pm

Recent Science Fiction and Fantasy Books that Make Perfect Gifts

One of the most common types of holiday gifts is the Coffee Table Book — big, expensive, and usually something people flip through instead of actually reading. But what if you could give a book that would fascinate your friends as well as looking like a status item? » 11/22/11 12:51pm 11/22/11 12:51pm

Gift Ideas For Superhero Fanatics

On December 13, the 1,216-page DC Comics: The New 52 hardcover goes on sale. This monolithic tome slams together all 52 first issues of the DC relaunch from September 2011 ($90 on Amazon). Some other books you can use a bludgeon are The Mighty Thor by Walt Simonson — which collects the most enduring run on the… » 11/22/11 10:46am 11/22/11 10:46am

Gifts Ideas For Star Wars Fans

Adidas' Hoth Skywalker Shoes ($140) give an understated shout out to everyone's favorite ice planet/snow field in Norway. Adidas' Wampa shoes ($150) are also pretty dapper for footwear inspired by a carnivorous reptomammal. You can find the rest of Adidas' Star Wars line here. » 11/22/11 10:30am 11/22/11 10:30am

Gift Ideas For 10 Major Species Of Science Fiction Fan

Knowing what to buy your favorite science fiction or fantasy genre junkie can be a taxing chore. You're posed with some important questions, like Dalek or Vulcan? Cthulhu or rainbow-vomiting dinosaurs? We empathize. Here are several dozen nifty, covetable gifts that will cater to the genre junkie in your life, no… » 11/21/11 3:25pm 11/21/11 3:25pm

A Brilliant List of Science Books for People Who Want Their Minds Blown

While everybody is getting stoned on turkey and starch this holiday season, you're hoping to join a secret collective of super-intelligent scientists who will invent faster-than-light travel and cure cancer. We understand. That's why we've put together this list of great science books that came out in the past year —… » 11/18/11 9:00am 11/18/11 9:00am