Tomorrow's Must-See Mind-Frak Music Videos, Today

With the Wild Things soundtrack being released and the Admiral Ackbar song contest underway, it's high time we stopped and paid attention to a few other note-worthy and science-fictional musician. Here's our round-up of futuristic and mind-expanding music videos. » 9/30/09 1:09pm 9/30/09 1:09pm

Spider-Man Musical "Biggest Fiasco In Broadway History"

Sounds like the rumors about singing Spidey's rapidly fraying money web are true. The $45 million musical written by Bono and The Edge, put the crew on hiatus and now the actors have been released from their contracts. The New York Post is calling it the biggest fiasco in Broadway history, and quoting experts saying it … » 8/12/09 4:30pm 8/12/09 4:30pm