The zombies outside and the plague inside join forces on Walking Dead

For the first time since the pilot, I have legitimately been scared while watching an episode of The Walking Dead. What I thought was going to be a slow, potboiler kind-of-episode — which would have been fine after four strong episodes in a row — slowly transformed into the tensest, most gripping life-or-death… »11/11/13 10:20am11/11/13 10:20am

AMC Picks a New Showrunner on The Walking Dead, but how long will this one last?

There's a new sheriff on AMC's The Walking Dead. Scott Gimple has stepped up to lead the cast of survivors into their fourth season. Last month Glen Mazzara stepped down from his perch as showrunner on Walking Dead, amidst a swirl of rumors that Mazzara and comic book creator Robert Kirkman did not hit it off. »1/14/13 5:44pm1/14/13 5:44pm