A Third Attempt to Turn Scott Westerfeld's Midnighters Trilogy Into a…

Scott Westerfeld's YA trilogy about kids born at midnight who can walk around during the 25th hour of the day, when the rest of the world is still, is once again being developed as a possible TV series. This time around, it's the creators of Chuck, Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz, and they're trying to pitch Midnighters » 10/15/12 4:44pm 10/15/12 4:44pm

Help this teacher expose her kids to some great young-adult science…

Here's your worthy cause for the day. A junior high school teacher has put up a request for some funding to get her classroom new copies of Scott Westerfeld's classic young-adult dystopian novel Uglies — and all you have to do is go over to OO.com and vote for this project to be funded by the charities that support the … » 9/13/12 7:30am 9/13/12 7:30am

A Technical Manual for Scott Westerfeld and Keith Thompson's Leviathan

Hot damn. Author Scott Westerfeld and illustrator Keith Thompson are releasing a guide to their Leviathan series today, and it's chock full of concept art, technical drawings and just amazing prettiness. The ideal gift for any aspiring aviators in your life. We've got a sneak peek from The Manual of Aeronautics right… » 8/21/12 3:48pm 8/21/12 3:48pm

Scott Westerfeld explains why World War I should be the new World War…

Today sees the release of Scott Westerfeld's and Keith Thompson's long-awaited third book in the Leviathan trilogy, Goliath. And we can't wait for a third dose of alternate-history World War I, with all the mechs and genetically engineered airships. (And to celebrate, here's a lovely new piece of artwork. Check out the … » 9/20/11 12:28pm 9/20/11 12:28pm

September Books bring vampires, faeries, airships, and hackers!

What does September have in store for you? A new Neal Stephenson novel! Not one, but two new releases from Cherie Priest! Plus faeries, vampires, digital revolutionaries, and a college in outer space. Here are all the new releases your bookshelf needs this month. » 9/06/11 7:00am 9/06/11 7:00am

With "Behemoth," the Leviathan saga becomes the perfect hit of escapism

Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan saga has many elements dear to our hearts, including alternate-history, plucky heroes of both genders, and strange inventions. But after reading the second book, Behemoth, we realized we really love these books for the pure escapist rush. » 10/08/10 5:35pm 10/08/10 5:35pm