Scream Queens Actually Made a Pretty Good Point About Thanksgiving

For people who don’t have families, live far away from their families, or have families they’d rather not see, Friendsgiving is the best option this time of year. Scream Queens illustrated this point in an episode that also killed one character, brought another back from the dead, and deployed some A+ guest stars. »Wednesday 3:40pm11/25/15 3:40pm


This Week's TV: At Long Last, the Debut of Marvel's Jessica Jones!

Jessica Jones comes to Netflix, Man in the High Castle streams on Amazon, and Marceline the Vampire Queens gets her own four-part miniseries on Adventure Time! A deadly Grant Morrison character swoops in on Gotham, a Jim Henson project is thawed in time for Thanksgiving, and Clara’s future is revealed on Doctor Who!… »11/16/15 4:25pm11/16/15 4:25pm

Scream Queens' Jamie Lee Curtis Pays Tribute to Mother Janet Leigh and Psycho

While actress Jamie Lee Curtis independently became a “scream queen” through her role as Laurie Strode in the Halloween franchise, she also comes by her title through heredity. In 1960, Curtis’ mother Janet Leigh delivered one of the most iconic onscreen shrieks of all time as Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho »11/13/15 2:45pm11/13/15 2:45pm

We Now Know Who the Killers Are on Scream Queens! (Well, Some of Them, Anyway)

We’ve all been saying this since week one, but without Jamie Lee Curtis, Scream Queens is nothing. The rest is vapid nonsense holding up a paper-thin serial killer story that’s spread over way too many episodes. But “Mommie Dearest” did actually allow the mystery to creep forward a few degrees. »11/11/15 2:40pm11/11/15 2:40pm

The Wonder Woman Movie Could Have More Batman Than We Were Expecting

Elizabeth Henstridge teases the future of Simmons’ relationship with Fitz on Agents of SHIELD. Captain America: Civil War merchandise reveals details about Cap’s new costume. Plus, a tense clip from Doctor Who, a sinister image from Jessica Jones, and news about Game of Thrones’ huge battle. Spoilers Now! »10/29/15 9:00am10/29/15 9:00am

Maisie Williams Will Be Back on Doctor Who A Lot Sooner Than We Expected!

Alan Tudyk wants in on the Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie—but only if a Firefly costar joins him. Mark Ruffalo talks the Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok. Get a look at Killer Frost on The Flash. Plus, oodles of clips from Supergirl, footage from Ash vs. Evil Dead, and behind the scenes on The Shannara Chronicles. To Me, My… »10/26/15 9:00am10/26/15 9:00am

Scream Queens Is Really Just a Parade of Horror In-Jokes At This Point

Though “Pumpkin Patch” is only its fifth episode, Scream Queens has already exhausted every slasher-movie cliché, and has moved on to aping other horrors: The Shining, The Silence of the Lambs, and, uh, Orange is the New Black. More problematic: the show has become virtually plotless. »10/14/15 3:20pm10/14/15 3:20pm

Scream Queens Heralds the Coming of "Chanel-O-Ween" By Driving a Cleaver Into Your Skull

We get two semi-big revelations (and one admittedly funny Matthew McConaughey impression) on this week’s Scream Queens; the rest is a whole lotta filler studded with handy reminders that one could actually be watching a real campy horror flick (Leprechaun FTW!) instead. »10/07/15 4:29pm10/07/15 4:29pm

This Week's TV: Can The Flash Manage To Stay Excellent in its Second Season?

Let’s hope so! We’ll get our first clue as to whether The Flash can avoid the dreaded Sophomore Slump this week. Also, Arrow is lightening up. Lady Gaga comes to American Horror Story! Also: Doctor Who gets spooky, and Peter MacNichol returns to Agents of SHIELD. It’s a thrilling week of television! »10/05/15 4:36pm10/05/15 4:36pm

Who's the Killer on Scream Queens? We Round Up All the Top Suspects So Far

Scream Queens made its debut last night, and between all of its Heathers worship and “tee-hee, I’m edgy!” deliberately offensive jokes, it introduced a serial-killer mystery ripped straight from the glory days of slasher movies. So, who’s that knife-wielding maniac hiding inside the devil costume? »9/23/15 5:12pm9/23/15 5:12pm

This Week's TV: A Ton of New Shows, But Only One of Them is Worth Your Time

It’s officially the start of fall TV season, and seven new shows are launching. But only one of them has bowled us over. Plus Gotham is back, and nuttier than ever. And how will the Doctor save Clara from the Daleks? Plus, David Tennant as the Fugitoid! All this and more, on This Week’s TV! »9/21/15 3:47pm9/21/15 3:47pm