How a Human Scream Uniquely Activates the Fear Response in Your Brain

We know human screams are jarring. They’re loud, occasionally shrill, and tend to make us feel stressed, or even fearful. What’s unclear is why they elicit anxiety. But a new study suggests this response may have something to do with the acoustic quality of human screams, and how they trigger the brain’s fear response. »7/17/15 4:00pm7/17/15 4:00pm


I Was Trapped In A Movie Theater With Teenage Twilight Fans

It was, without a doubt, the strangest movie preview I've been to. Sure, there were lines of fans for Clone Wars »11/23/08 5:00pm11/23/08 5:00pm, and has people already proclaiming it to be the greatest movie ever made before the lights had gone down, but 's lines were full of teenage girls dressed for prom bitching about having to give up their…