You're about 25 percent of the way through your novel. Time for an Act One Break?

If you've been doing National Novel Writing Month, and you're being diligent and sticking to your schedule, then chances are you're about a quarter of the way through your novel. And that means just one thing: It's time for Act One to end, and Act Two to begin. Cross the threshold to adventure! Commit your characters… »11/09/11 5:00pm11/09/11 5:00pm

Conan script doctor compares writing a flop movie to working on a losing political campaign

In a graceful and funny column for Quora, screenwriter Sean Hood — whose most recent project was Conan the Barbarian — explains what it feels like to write a movie that tanks at the box office. He compares the excitement (and occasionally self-deluded expectations) as similar to joining a political campaign. He writes: »8/25/11 1:43pm8/25/11 1:43pm