​All the Greatest Comics News From This Year's Comic-Con

Yeah, there was some! I know, it's easy to miss among all the movie panels and cosplayers and hoopla, but comics publishers did show up and announce a bevy of new titles — including a ton of great comics from the non-spandex crowd. Here's what you need to know! » 7/29/14 1:00pm 7/29/14 1:00pm

Warlow explains how his sex powers will change True Blood

We got three of our favorite cast members from True Blood to spill the v-juice about what's happening on the last few episodes of this season. Plus watch the actor who plays Warlow making funny noises, defending Sookie's honor and being generally adorable in answering our Fairy Vampire sex questions. » 7/31/13 2:26pm 7/31/13 2:26pm

Jon Snow's Harsh Choice: "Play the game, or die like Ned Stark"

Jon Snow may have known nothing at the start of Game of Thrones, but he's learned a lot in the past three seasons. And Jon's in a tough spot as season four begins. When we caught up with actor Kit Harington, we asked him how Jon will regain the trust of his friends. We also talked to Esme Bianco, who played Ros. » 7/29/13 1:00pm 7/29/13 1:00pm

Henry Cavill isn't sure if Lois and Superman can really be equals

Not because she's a woman — because she's a human being, and no human can be as powerful as Superman. We caught up with the Man of Steel last weekend at Comic-Con, and asked him about the Clark-Lois dynamic going forward. What he said kind of surprised us. » 7/26/13 3:31pm 7/26/13 3:31pm

Why [REDACTED] is the clone to watch out for in Orphan Black Season 2

Orphan Black left us dizzy after ten episodes of great conspiracy television—and left us with a lot of questions. We sat down with one of the show's creators and learned a little bit about what's ahead for Sarah and the rest of Clone Club. » 7/26/13 1:22pm 7/26/13 1:22pm

Is the dome in Under the Dome a sentient being?

The people trapped in Under the Dome's Chester's Mill can't break through the Dome surrounding their small town. They can't dig under the Dome, and they can't get much through the Dome. But could the Dome be more than a mere obstacle? Could the Dome itself be alive? » 7/25/13 3:50pm 7/25/13 3:50pm

Godzilla director Gareth Edwards explains the symbolism of kaiju

New images and footage from the forthcoming Godzilla movie have us so excited that we're zooming through the air like three-headed space kaiju. At Comic-Con, we sat down with director Gareth Edwards to talk about his giant monster designs, and the political subtext of this classic anti-nuke tale. » 7/25/13 3:31pm 7/25/13 3:31pm

Why Beware the Batman showcases Gotham's lesser known supervillains

So far, there's no Joker in Beware the Batman. Villains like Two-Face, Poison Ivy, the Penguin, and Killer Croc are all noticeably absent from Cartoon Network's CG take on the Dark Knight. That's because the writers are using Batman's more obscure rogues to tell a specific story about Bruce Wayne's psychology. » 7/25/13 12:50pm 7/25/13 12:50pm

Did the new RoboCop movie just replace robots with drones?

You've seen glimpses of (and read about) the new RoboCop movie, but we've yet to suss out exactly what this remake of Paul Verhoeven's classic 1987 picture will retain from the original. What does the new RoboCop stand for? According to our interview with the director José Padilha, drone warfare. » 7/25/13 11:30am 7/25/13 11:30am

How Arrow will expand the DC Universe on television

With Batman popping up in the next Superman movie, it looks like we'll finally be seeing the DC Universe coming together on the big screen. But Arrow is already planning to bring more DC characters to television, even as Season Two zooms in on the show's core characters. » 7/25/13 7:30am 7/25/13 7:30am

Comic-Con Wrap Up: The Shiniest Things We Saw in San Diego!

Going to San Diego Comic-Con is like stepping into an alternate universe, where superheroes and monsters are everywhere. We witnessed enough brilliance in five days to keep us psyched for the next few months. Here's our complete guide to the shiniest things we saw at Comic-Con 2013. » 7/24/13 6:20pm 7/24/13 6:20pm

Next season's Vampire Diaries is all doppelgangers all the time

Things on Vampire Diaries are about to get awkward. Everybody has a doppelganger, and that means all the love triangles have become lust polygons. At Comic-Con we caught up with the writers and cast and asked how things are shaping up in the new season. » 7/24/13 5:26pm 7/24/13 5:26pm

How the new Planet of the Apes movie fits into the series timeline

One of the most promising movies showcased Comic-Con was Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the intense follow-up to the brilliant Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Director Matt Reeves and star Andy Serkis told us about this film's intriguing story, and its relationship to the Apes canon. » 7/24/13 4:27pm 7/24/13 4:27pm

The Winter Soldier reveals the secret backstory hidden in his hair

The Winter Soldier is giving Thor a run for his money for the most fabulous Marvel hair on the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But how did they decide that a character breakdown equals long hair? Actor Sebastian Stan, who plays both Bucky Barnes and Captain America's new foe, shares with us the evolution… » 7/24/13 1:30pm 7/24/13 1:30pm

Eric Kripke lists everything he hated about Revolution's first season

If you had issues with Revolution's inconsistent, fresh-faced vision of a future in which the power has gone out, you're not alone. Series creator Eric Kripke sat down with members of the press during Comic-Con and ticked off the problems with Season One and why he believes Season Two will be better. » 7/24/13 11:30am 7/24/13 11:30am

Artists draw Batman with their eyes closed

Mondo Artist rounded up a ton of his illustrator, cartoonist and artist friends to see if they could draw Batman with their eyes closed. They could — kind of — but the results are still hilarious. » 7/24/13 10:30am 7/24/13 10:30am

The Tomorrow People promises a grounded approach to superpowers

Are teenagers really an entirely different species? The cast and crew of The Tomorrow People talk about the franchise's long history as a metaphor for youth culture and why they feel it's a more grounded version of the X-Men. » 7/24/13 7:00am 7/24/13 7:00am

Harry Lennix has a theory about what happened to Boyd on Dollhouse

Seriously, Dollhouse ended a few years ago — but we still haven't wrapped our heads around what happened to Boyd, Harry Lennix's character. We caught up with Lennix at Comic-Con and asked him about it. And it turns out he has a whole theory. » 7/23/13 4:38pm 7/23/13 4:38pm

The Worst Badvertising and Best Radvertising of Comic-Con 2013

The bigger Comic-Con gets, the more the marketing madness spreads across the whole city of San Diego. And this year, the promo craziness was everywhere. Some good, and some really freaking disgusting. So we picked through the swag and the handouts and the interactive experiences, to find the very best, and the very… » 7/23/13 4:15pm 7/23/13 4:15pm

George R.R. Martin answers our toughest Song of Ice and Fire questions

When we interviewed A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin at Comic-Con, we decided to drill down and ask some intense questions. Like, is this series only seven books long because some subplots took over the story? Are the Dothraki one-dimensional stereotypes? What does he think of Sliders? Here's what he… » 7/23/13 2:05pm 7/23/13 2:05pm