The best analysis of Comic-Con you'll read this year

Amazon's Kindle Singles has just published a long, fascinating essay about the cultural meaning of Comic-Con by Douglas Wolk, author of the Eisner-winning book Reading Comics. If you're interested in a sympathetic but critical analysis of the Con that rules the world of genre writing, filmmaking, TV and art, this… » 8/03/11 4:46pm 8/03/11 4:46pm

Will The Secret Circle be your new guilty pleasure in fall?

Over the weekend, we had a chance to see the pilot for Secret Circle, a teen sorcery show coming this fall from Kevin Williamson, creator of Vampire Diaries and Dawson's Creek. It's hard to deny the lure of a show whose pilot features teenage girls magically lighting cars on fire. But is it just too cheesy to stand… » 7/27/11 11:50am 7/27/11 11:50am