True facts about the sea pig – a living, deep-sea condom with legs

Sea pigs are a variety of sea cucumber. Are you familiar with sea cucumbers? They have explicit mating rituals, and their skills at hiding fish in their butts are second to none. Let's just say they're weird, which says a lot about why Ze Frank has decided to make a video about them. » 4/17/13 8:20am 4/17/13 8:20am

Probably the most graphic SFW video you'll see this week

Because it's sea-cucumber porn. A solo scene. That's what this is. Straight up, hardcore sea-cucumber smut. For this is how sea-cucumbers reproduce, by raising their front ends and releasing sperm (or eggs) well clear of the ocean floor, where fertilization can take place. Plus there's just something inherently… » 2/08/13 7:40am 2/08/13 7:40am

Watch this fish seek refuge in the anus of a sea cucumber

This video pretty much does what it says on the tin. The fish in question belongs to a species of pearlfish — small, tropical fishes known to seek out shelter inside various species of invertebrates... and if you happen to be a sea cucumber, "inside" means you're going to have these little guys all up in your anal pore. » 1/10/12 11:28am 1/10/12 11:28am