A huge reservoir of meltwater has been discovered beneath Greenland

Scientists working in Greenland have discovered an extensive aquifer of meltwater that sits under the Greenland ice sheet all year round — but it's not known if this reservoir, which is about the size of Ireland, will ever make its way to the ocean. » 12/23/13 8:40am 12/23/13 8:40am

Fear of Climate Change Has Maldives Seeking Backup Homeland

The UN predicts that by 2100, climate change could cause sea levels to rise by as much as 59 centimeters. For the Maldives, an island nation whose highest point sits roughly two meters above sea level, such a drastic change would put most of the country underwater. Fearing a Waterworld » 11/12/08 2:00pm 11/12/08 2:00pm scenario, the new Maldivian…