Confirmation That Photosynthesizing Sea Slugs Steal Genes From Algae

For decades, scientists have puzzled over how a certain sea slug acquires the ability to photosynthesize after ingesting algae. An advanced imaging technique now confirms that the slugs are literally stealing genes from the algae. It's considered the first example of "horizontal gene transfer" in a multicellular… »2/04/15 10:40am2/04/15 10:40am


The only time it pays to be stabbed repeatedly happens to be during sex

What if every time you had sex, you had to agree to let your partner stab you first — would it be worth the trade-off? While you're mulling that over, consider this: in some species of hermaphrodite sea slug, the trade-off is flipped, with some slugs enduring the unpleasantries of sex in the hope of getting a stab… »8/26/12 4:00pm8/26/12 4:00pm