An unbelievably gruesome epidemic is ravaging starfish populations

A mysterious illness has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of starfish on North America's west coast, and its symptoms are horrifying. Dubbed "sea star wasting syndrome," the arms of an infected individual will twist into knots, develop lesions, and finally crawl away in opposite directions until they tear away… »2/01/14 3:30pm2/01/14 3:30pm

This is what it's like to be devoured alive by a sea star

This is totally fascinating. In this arresting timelapse video, produced by the folks over at Shape of Life, a sea star can be seen plunging its stomach inside the shell of a hapless mussel before digesting its prey alive. Accordng to the video, it's the world's first-person-view (first-mussel-view?) of a sea star… »9/24/12 7:30pm9/24/12 7:30pm