The Blade Runner sequel will not include Sean Young at its own peril

Actress Sean Young thinks not casting Sean Young in the long-rumored Blade Runner sequel, supposedly to be directed by Ridley Scott, is the stupidest thing ever. How stupid? Well, she's asked the general population to boycott the movie if Blade Runner 2 has the gall to be made without her involvement. » 8/08/13 8:20am 8/08/13 8:20am

Sean Young's video diaries take you behind-the-scenes on David Lynch's …

Take a look at the cast and crew on David Lynch's Dune, narrated by Sean Young and mindbogglingly set to the tune of "The Entertainer." Watch Sting eat lunch with the cast as Young fondly remembers his blue thong. Watch the people of Arrakis dance about in their desert suits. And hear Young wax on about the… » 4/17/12 10:06am 4/17/12 10:06am