An Ocean Trench that SeaQuest DSV Would Visit

This concept art by Koshime, who also created the robo-bear with a giant canon (camera), reminds me of what I miss most about the show SeaQuest DSV. That show, with its super-excellent mega-sub captained by Roy Scheider (and science-geeked by a scrumptious Ted Raimi), captured the alienness of the deep ocean, a place… » 4/02/08 8:20am 4/02/08 8:20am

The Greatest Scifi Dance Routines Of All Time

What is Raquel Welch doing in that weird bikini, next to those alien objects? Who are those shiny men lifting their legs in salute to her? We'll probably never know, but it doesn't matter. Her dance number fits into a long, proud tradition of science fictional dance routines, from Star Trek to Buck Rogers to the Fifth… » 2/07/08 9:25am 2/07/08 9:25am

Which Scifi Franchise Cries Out For A Re-Imagining?

Everybody's re-imagining old science fiction franchises, from Battlestar and Bionic Woman to Star Trek and Terminator. (Can you remember when you had never heard the verb "re-imagine?" Now, it's the only verb I ever use.) But some of the greatest classics are still waiting for their extreme makeovers. It's time to… » 1/25/08 10:53am 1/25/08 10:53am