Read a 5-page preview of Marvel Comics' brand-new Daredevil: Season One

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, here's an exclusive first look at Daredevil: Season One, an original graphic novel that will hit comic shops April 2012. This book features a script by Antony Johnston (The Courtyard, Daredevil) and artwork by Wellington Alves (Nova). This graphic novel is part of Marvel's Season One line,… » 12/15/11 2:40pm 12/15/11 2:40pm

Exclusive: Select Marvel Comics Graphic Novels Will Come With Free…

Comic book publishers have included digital download codes with single issue releases before — indeed, Marvel Comics announced yesterday that their Ultimate Comics line would come packaged with these codes. » 11/11/11 7:15am 11/11/11 7:15am