What Happens in Virtual Reality ... Probably Won't Stay There

Cross Reality, Dual Reality, X-Reality: all of these terms describe the recent work of an MIT Media Lab team to bring the virtual into the real and vice versa. So far, the X-Reality group has focused their attentions on Second Life; last year, its Shadow Lab project allowed the game's users to virtually check out… » 11/15/08 4:00pm 11/15/08 4:00pm

Do Virtual Worlds Have to Make You a Psycho Loser?

A new documentary about virtual worlds called Second Skin debuted at the South by Southwest Festival over the weekend, and it's already causing controversy for portraying gamers as social defectives. Though the filmmakers clearly want to offer a positive view of massive multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, they… » 3/11/08 12:36pm 3/11/08 12:36pm

Virtual Chair in Second Life Reflects Real World Drama

The virtual world is as real as a chair in Boston. From the same design consortium that brought us the psychedelic cathedral Evoke comes a new project called Remote, which links a chair in Second Life with a chair sitting in a gallery near Boston's Emerson College. Here are some of the cool (but admittedly pointless)… » 2/18/08 4:00pm 2/18/08 4:00pm