Is Second Life About to Become a Ghost World?

Second Life, one of the most hyped virtual worlds in history, is heading towards ghost town status. Intrepid tech reporter Wagner James Au broke the story over the weekend, noting that Second Life makers Linden Lab are at work on a top-secret new virtual world. » 6/24/14 11:33am 6/24/14 11:33am

Is Second Life about to die? Wagner James Au wonders about reports of the game world's demise on his blog, while the rest of us wonder where we'll go to act out Gor fantasies when all those Gorean islands are gone. Is it back to IRC? » 5/15/14 1:36pm 5/15/14 1:36pm

Did Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash predict the world of today?

That's what a number of venture capitalists and futurists told the Wall Street Journal recently. They cite Stephenson's classic novel as a harbinger of many current staples, from World of Warcraft to Google's search capabilities. » 6/06/13 11:34am 6/06/13 11:34am

7 Virtual Reality Technologies That Actually Work

So far, virtual reality has mostly been a colossal disappointment. But VR has had its share of breakthroughs and innovative applications. Here are seven VR technologies that work, and that may yet point the way to truly successful virtual reality. » 6/12/09 3:43pm 6/12/09 3:43pm

Second Life Embraces Corporate America, But Is It Mutual?

Second Life! It's not just for cybersex anymore... or, at least, that's what Linden Labs is trying to tell the various corporations of the world, as they try to reposition their virtual domain as the latest and greatest way to commute virtually to the office. » 6/01/09 2:30pm 6/01/09 2:30pm

Is Linden Really Pushing Second Life Sex Away?

Is Second Life about to become the new Times Square? The virtual world is to be cleaned up, according to reports, allowing those who don't want to see cyberfrottage to remain innocent and untouched. » 4/15/09 10:00am 4/15/09 10:00am

Second Life Foresaw the US Banking Crisis

Yet another financial casualty: Citigroup just became the latest institution to come crawling to the feds for a bailout. Where will it all end? As industry experts become desperate for any kind of divining rod, some observers pointed out that the failure of unregulated banking has already played out — in Second Life.… » 11/24/08 8:30am 11/24/08 8:30am

What Happens in Virtual Reality ... Probably Won't Stay There

Cross Reality, Dual Reality, X-Reality: all of these terms describe the recent work of an MIT Media Lab team to bring the virtual into the real and vice versa. So far, the X-Reality group has focused their attentions on Second Life; last year, its Shadow Lab project allowed the game's users to virtually check out… » 11/15/08 4:00pm 11/15/08 4:00pm

Do Virtual Worlds Have to Make You a Psycho Loser?

A new documentary about virtual worlds called Second Skin debuted at the South by Southwest Festival over the weekend, and it's already causing controversy for portraying gamers as social defectives. Though the filmmakers clearly want to offer a positive view of massive multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, they… » 3/11/08 12:36pm 3/11/08 12:36pm

Discover The Sensuality Of Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds are driving people to suicide — and making them fall in love. A new documentary, opening this weekend, follows seven people who are devoted to virtual worlds, and finds them struggling with addiction and discovering romance. Second Skin, which debuts at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, showcases… » 3/07/08 12:40pm 3/07/08 12:40pm

Virtual Chair in Second Life Reflects Real World Drama

The virtual world is as real as a chair in Boston. From the same design consortium that brought us the psychedelic cathedral Evoke comes a new project called Remote, which links a chair in Second Life with a chair sitting in a gallery near Boston's Emerson College. Here are some of the cool (but admittedly pointless)… » 2/18/08 4:00pm 2/18/08 4:00pm

Virtual Worlds Are So 1994

Sometimes an idea is ahead of its time and backward thinking represses it. Other times, an idea is very much stuck in its own time but can't be realized due to crappy technology. Such is the case with virtual worlds, an idea that captured people's imaginations at the dawn of the Web in the early 1990s. At that time,… » 11/21/07 3:59pm 11/21/07 3:59pm

Second Life in China

Linden Labs chief Philip Rosedale, creator of Second Life, says he's in talks with an Asian company to bring Second Life to China. No word on how that nation's notorious online censorship will fit into the virtual world. [New World Notes] » 11/21/07 3:00pm 11/21/07 3:00pm

New Book Explains How to Peddle Your Ass in Second Life

The best thing about Daniel Terdiman's new book, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Second Life, is that it teaches you how to be a hooker. Sure there's informative stuff about how to set up a business and advertise in the metaverse, but what pushes this book into virtual world classic territory is the blithe way Terdiman… » 11/15/07 7:59am 11/15/07 7:59am

Second Life Avatars Are Portable As Purse Dogs Now

As the Virtual Worlds conference kicked off in Silicon Valley yesterday, IBM announced a partnership with Linden Lab, makers of Second Life, to create portable avatars that you can bring with you to any virtual world. But how? IBM and Linden Lab say they are developing open data formats, or a "universal character… » 10/11/07 9:53am 10/11/07 9:53am