Force Unleashed: Giving Us Something New To Talk, Yell and Scream About

On September 17, at 4 AM I got this text: "It just took me a friggin hour to bring down the star destroyer, but oh man was it ever sweet." Indeed. That would be my buddy Jake, and I too would know the joy that is mind-crashing a star destroyer to the ground, but not until many days later. Unlike my friends that can… »9/27/08 8:00pm9/27/08 8:00pm

Meet Star Wars' Corpse Droid, Who Desecrates The Dead

The new Star Wars »8/26/08 3:59pm8/26/08 3:59pm video game, , could have been one messed up experience, judging from some early concept art that appears in the new making-of book. Especially the Corpse Droid, who must have come from a delightfully deranged mind. Originally thought of as the buddy-bot to the Secret Apprentice, the droid's obsession…

Darth Vader Slays The Wookiees In Force Unleashed Concept Art

A new behind-the-scenes book on the Force Unleashed »8/19/08 6:06pm8/19/08 6:06pm video game is out today, and its pages are bursting with fantastic concept art. The book, written by video-game writers W. Haden Blackman and Brett Rector, tells the story from the first concept still to the finished game. It also explains their original pitch to…

Who Wants A Soul Sword, When You Can Have A Light Saber?

Yoda and Darth Vader step into the ring in the battle to wield the soul swords, in the latest version of killer video game Soul Calibur IV which means more Yoda flip fighting. SC IV, Namco's latest addition of their 3-D weapons-based fighting series, will feature either Yoda or Vader depending on your console. The PS3… »6/06/08 11:20am6/06/08 11:20am