Crowdfund Female-Led Fiction, Customisable Tabletop Minis And More!

It's the last Crowdfund This of 2014! Let's send it off with a bang, including cool card games, awesome sci-fi and fantasy fiction, and yes, even a Harry Potter fan film. » 12/19/14 1:39pm 12/19/14 1:39pm

Did Cloud Atlas' "Yellowface" problem help to sink it at the box office?

It's official: Cloud Atlas is a flop. At least in the United States. Made for a reported $100 million, the book adaptation barely scratched $10 million in its opening weekend — but some observers say the film could make a tidy profit overseas, where most of its funding came from. Still, it's hard not to ask: Did the… » 10/29/12 3:00pm 10/29/12 3:00pm