Marvel's Secret Love Is The Strangest—And Sweetest—Secret Wars Spinoff

Marvel have put out a ridiculous number of tie-ins for their ongoing, universe-rebooting mega event Secret Wars. But one of their latest spinoffs, Secret Wars: Secret Love, is surprisingly unique. Not only is it a superheroic romance anthology that works—it might just end up being one of the best Secret Wars comics… »8/21/15 7:00pm8/21/15 7:00pm


Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars Is Still The Best, Silliest Marvel Tribute

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars might just be the best thing to come from Marvel’s ongoing Secret Wars event. It’s not only filled with brilliant deep cuts for the classic ‘80s comic crossover, but it’s irreverently funny—and this week, it takes on the most iconic moment from the original event.… »7/30/15 2:40pm7/30/15 2:40pm

This Secret Wars Cover Hides An Even More Secretive Superman Cameo

Marvel’s Secret Wars event is all about exploring the different shards of the Marvel universe... the ones that are left, that is. Some of those shards even recall the times Marvel’s heroes crossed over with those of the DC Multiverse, which means Alex Ross got to sneak in one tiny encounter on this awesome cover. »7/23/15 4:20pm7/23/15 4:20pm

Spider-Gwen's New Comic Confirms Not Everything Is "All-New" For Marvel

Good news, everyone! Spider-Gwen — the alt-verse Gwen Stacey who becomes Spider-Woman — will get a new series after Marvel stops shaking up its current comics with Secret Wars. The weird news? It also confirms that the Marvel universe we’re getting later this year may not be as “All-New, All Different” as we thought. »6/24/15 3:50pm6/24/15 3:50pm

The Oddest, Goofiest Marvel Meta-Joke In Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars 

Deadpool as a character is known for his ability to tear a gaping hole through the fourth wall — so a whole series about him going back to the original 1984 Secret Wars event and mucking around isn’t out of character. But the series’ second issue, out today, also has one of the most bizarre deep cuts I’ve ever seen in… »6/17/15 4:50pm6/17/15 4:50pm

Marvel Finally Reveals New Details About Its Post-Secret Wars Universe

Most of Marvel Comics’ attention right now is on their ongoing gigantic Secret Wars event. We’ve known what’s ending, but what about what happens after? At last weekend’s Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, the company lifted the lid on a few of the things that will happen when the dust settles later this year. »5/19/15 11:50am5/19/15 11:50am

Inside Secret Wars: A Look at the "Warzones!" Books

So we’ve taken a look at what Secret Wars is about, what the “Last Days” are, and what the “Battleworld” books are. The “Battleworld” books take a look at events that cross different regions in Battleworld. The “Warzones!” books, however, take a look at specific stories in different individual regions. These are the… »5/06/15 12:40pm5/06/15 12:40pm

Secret Wars Ends The Marvel Universe As We Know It In This Week's Comics

Marvel’s big summer event kicks off with a bang, as the Main and Ultimate universes crash together to deadly effect. But it’s not all there is to this week’s new comics. DC’s digital Lynda-Carter-inspired Wonder Woman comic comes to print, and the Matrix vs. Apocalypse showdown Arcadia begins. So many comics! »5/05/15 5:20pm5/05/15 5:20pm

Inside Secret Wars: A Look at the "Battleworld" Books

So I’ve already explained what Secret Wars is about and gotten several comments to the effect of: this sounds confusing. And yes, it does. But while I will be reading the main mini-series, what is really interesting about Secret Wars to me is all of the side series, the “Battleworld” and “Warzones!” and “Last Days.”… »5/04/15 10:30am5/04/15 10:30am

Why Do Big Comic Crossovers Always Have To Be About Alternate Universes?

Everybody loves alternate universes — TV's Fringe proved that meeting different versions of the same character is always fascinating. But when it comes to superhero comics, though, every big storyline is about universes colliding. Here's why the superhero publishers are running the multiverse into the ground. »4/14/15 12:30pm4/14/15 12:30pm

A History of Marvel Crossovers: The Bronze Age

When last we left off, the Silver Age was coming to a close with the death of Gwen Stacy. The actual end was precipitated, however, a little bit before, with a two-part Spider-Man story involving the standard "drugs are bad" lesson — a story the Comics Code Authority refused to authorized because they forbade any »4/03/15 4:30am4/03/15 4:30am

My hopes and speculation for the post-Secret Wars Marvel universe

I'm a massive Marvel fan, and with the complete "All New All Different Avengers" revealed, including the creative team of Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar, it's clearly time to look past Secret Wars and make some educated guesses and wild speculation. And a few of my personal hopes and fears to go with it! »3/26/15 6:02pm3/26/15 6:02pm