Luc Besson Spurs Another Futuristic Jailbreak. But Will There Be…

The Luc Besson-produced District 13: Ultimatum just opened in the United States, but he's already in pre-production on another prison-break movie, this time set in space in the future. Plus he's producing an English-language District 13 remake. Spoilers ahead... » 2/16/10 9:30am 2/16/10 9:30am

Syfy Picks Up Superpowered Pilot "Alphas"

Syfy has picked up the pilot for Alphas, a show about a team of superpowered people whose enhanced neurological abilities come at a crippling price. But can a great show come from the man who wrote X-Men: The Last Stand? » 8/05/09 3:15pm 8/05/09 3:15pm