New Stories by Tobias Buckell and Jay Lake, Free Online

Yesterday we told you about a great new anthology edited by John Joseph Adams called Seeds of Change » 8/14/08 1:31pm 8/14/08 1:31pm, and today we have a nice treat for your brain. Adams has posted some of the stories from the anthology online for you. Most awesome is one called by Tobias Buckell — it's about Pepper, one of the characters in his .…

"Fiction Can Be A Mode of Social Change" in Cool New Anthology

A terrifically interesting new anthology called Seeds of Change hits bookstores this summer, featuring original stories from nine scifi authors dealing with near-future scenarios where the world completely changes. Essentially, it's a political take on the idea of the singularity and it features two of my favorite… » 6/20/08 1:27pm 6/20/08 1:27pm