There's A Way to Make Big Earthquakes Safer. The US Won't Pay For It.

Everyone’s fretting about a terrifying article on the terrifying Cascadia Subduction Zone, which will almost certainly deliver the deadliest earthquake in US history. That earthquake would almost certainly be made less deadly with an early warning system that’s ready to be implemented—if only the US would decide to… »7/14/15 2:00am7/14/15 2:00am


Yellowstone's Megavolcano is more than twice the beast we feared

Beneath Yellowstone National Park lurks a vast caldera – a high-pressure volcanic cauldron brimming with enough gas and magma to make Mount St. Helens' 1980-eruption look like a middle school science project by comparison. Now, newly reported findings suggest this megavolcanic reservoir is even bigger than previously… »12/13/13 11:00am12/13/13 11:00am

'Perfect storm' of geological factors make the Eastern U.S. more susceptible to strong earthquakes than previously thought

As if the folks out on America's east coast don't already have enough to worry about after the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, it now looks like last year's magnitude-5.8 earthquake in Virginia was no anomaly. According to a report presented this week at the Geological Society of America's annual meeting, the highly… »11/08/12 1:27pm11/08/12 1:27pm

Six scientists convicted of manslaughter for failing to warn citizens about an earthquake

Six Italian scientists and one government official face six-year jail terms for failing to warn citizens about the ravaging effects of the L'Aquila 6.3 magnitude quake that killed 309 people in 2009. This morning, it took Judge Marco Billi just over four hours to reach this verdict. »10/22/12 10:50am10/22/12 10:50am

Burying greenhouse gases underground could cause earthquakes

As the Arctic ice continues to fade away, some scientists have come up with radical solutions to the problem of greenhouse gases. One of these ideas is large-scale Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS), burying those troublesome gases underground — but now it looks like that notion could cause more trouble than it's worth. »6/19/12 8:01pm6/19/12 8:01pm

What it's like to be trapped in the Washington Monument during an earthquake

Last month's earthquake in Virginia rattled the 555-foot-tall Washington Monument such that it's been closed indefinitely so engineers can assess damage. Buildings all across the Eastern Seaboard were rocked on August 23, but the Monument's security camera footage shows that people visiting the famous obelisk had a… »9/27/11 10:20am9/27/11 10:20am