How To Get Started (And Get Ahead) In Science Fiction Self-Publishing

To self-publish or not to self-publish… That is the question more and more aspiring authors are asking themselves these days. And with good reason—self-publishing has come a long way in the decade since it really hit the market and many of the blatant scams of the past have been outed by an increasingly well-informed… »6/30/15 2:52pm6/30/15 2:52pm

Amazon is making it harder to sell Bigfoot porn ebooks

Erotica featuring Sasquatch, minotaurs, aliens, and boar gods may not fit everyone's tastes, but some authors have made a killing selling monster sex ebooks. But some ebook retailers, notably Amazon, have been cracking down on cryptozoological smut, making it harder for writers to sell their books to readers who are… »12/22/13 1:00pm12/22/13 1:00pm

The Most Successful Self-Published Sci-Fi and Fantasy Authors

Everybody wants to be successful. And if you've ever told anyone that you're writing a novel (or screenplay, short story, comic book, rondel, etc.) you'll find out that most people you know are writing or planning on writing or want to write something too. This means there are a lot of people who want to be… »5/19/12 11:00am5/19/12 11:00am

Amanda Hocking is still the exception to the rule: Most self-published authors don't get huge book deals

There's been a lot of talk lately about Amanda Hocking's amazing journey from self-publishing to a multi-million dollar book deal with St. Martin's Press. But Hocking's success story — selling a million e-books on the Kindle, getting a major publisher — remains a rarity, cautions a story over at MediaShift. And… »1/20/12 4:30pm1/20/12 4:30pm