Curiosity's Latest Wide-Angle Selfie Is Its Most Remarkable Photo Yet

Now would be a good time to update your desktop wallpaper. NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has snapped a spectacular — if not inexplicable — wide-angled self-portrait at the Mojave Site on Mount Sharp where the probe is currently drilling for samples. Here's how NASA created the extraordinary shot. » 2/25/15 6:40am 2/25/15 6:40am

Selfie-Themed Horror Movie Is Inevitable Sign Of Our Times

It was only a matter of time before selfies became the basis of a horror-movie plot — after all, the genre sure does love tapping technology as a fear-delivery mechanism. » 12/12/14 3:20pm 12/12/14 3:20pm

This Is Why I Love Your Selfies

I'm not really into taking pictures of myself, but I love seeing your selfies. I don't care whether you're posing with some weird food item or standing next to that guy who kind of annoys me. That's because your Snapchat pic of a barf face is fulfilling an ancient biological urge that I share with my fellow humans. » 7/15/14 3:20pm 7/15/14 3:20pm

Think Selfies Are Annoying Now? Wait Until They Invade Our Fairytales

What if Prince Charming, the Ugly Duckling, and Thumbelina all had access to cell phone cameras? Their fairytales would have very different endings—and they wouldn't be pretty. » 5/16/14 9:30am 5/16/14 9:30am

Selfies In Space!

A selfie taken on Earth may not be that exciting, but snapped in space, the humble selfie suddenly becomes something pretty special. Here are some of the greatest spaces selfies ever to be snapped, ranging from the majestic, to the comic — even a few from before the selfie officially existed. » 1/22/14 3:30pm 1/22/14 3:30pm