You Can Use A Vibrator To Give Yourself Powerful Body Illusions

How can I put this delicately? Do you have a vibrating toothbrush? A personal body massager? If you do, you can perform some amazing sensory illusions, like making your nose seem huge or your waist small. Finally, an excuse to give the TSA agents when they search your bags! » 8/29/14 11:20am 8/29/14 11:20am

The Many, Many Ways You Can Crash A Plane Without Ever Realizing It

Want to get on an airplane? You might change your mind after reading this. It turns out that hurtling through the air messes with your senses. Sometimes it messes with them so much that you can be crashing without ever knowing anything is wrong. » 6/13/14 8:00am 6/13/14 8:00am