​Experts Gather at Yale to Discuss Whether Animals Are People

This past weekend, the IEET hosted the world's first conference dedicated to the topic of nonhuman animal personhood. Energized by the NhRP's recent initiative to have captive chimpanzees legally recognized as persons and not property, the event brought together legal experts, scientists, philosophers, and futurists… »12/10/13 6:40pm12/10/13 6:40pm

Should we worry about the internet becoming self-aware?

In the classic anime film, Ghost in the Shell, human civilization comes face-to-face with a government-bred intelligence called The Puppet Master that achieves sentience and escapes to the Internet. While it certainly makes for great science ficiton, the idea of a self-aware agent in cyberspace has also been bantered… »10/05/12 12:30pm10/05/12 12:30pm

Loebner Winner Doesn’t Believe Turing Test is Proof of AI

Elbot is a droid with a sarcastic edge — it points out that it's a machine even as it tries to convince you it’s human. And yesterday it proved somewhat successful, fooling three out of 12 judges during the University of Reading’s Turing Test and taking home the Loebner Artificial Intelligence bronze medal. But does… »10/13/08 3:00pm10/13/08 3:00pm