What's the worst failed attempt to create an awesome new hero?

A lot of the most famous adventure heroes are getting kind of long in the tooth. Batman is turning 75, Doctor Who just turned 50. But injecting new blood? Harder than it looks. A lot of "new and awesome" heroes fail within the first year or two. But what's the weakest effort at creating a brand new badass hero from… »3/10/14 5:07pm3/10/14 5:07pm


8 Major Marvel Heroes Who Will Probably Never Get a Movie

We all know the Marvel cinematic universe is kicking ass, and shows no signs of slowing down; their upcoming films include Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange, and possibly even the Inhumans! Since the Inhumans are basically X-Men on LSD, you might think that there’s no superhero Marvel can’t make a movie of. Au… »4/10/13 1:00pm4/10/13 1:00pm