IBM’s Sequoia crushes all other supercomputers in new ranking

Step aside, Fujitsu K — there's a new king of the mountain, and its name is Sequoia. For the first time in three years, an American-built device has taken top spot in a ranking of the 500 most powerful supercomputers. Developed by IBM, Sequoia will be used to – get ready for the letdown – carry out simulations to… » 6/18/12 1:39pm 6/18/12 1:39pm

Some of the world's biggest trees are also the most vulnerable

It seems counterintuitive, but new research suggests that it is actually the world's biggest trees that suffer the most from climate change and forest fragmentation. » 1/27/12 5:00pm 1/27/12 5:00pm

What is a tree's maximum possible height?

The world's tallest tree is found in northern California - it's a redwood that stands 379 feet tall. This tree and its relatives are the largest single organisms in the world, but just how big can these trees really get? » 6/19/11 7:00am 6/19/11 7:00am