Here's Our First Look At Marvel's Black Panther In Action!

We’ve vaguely known what Black Panther was going to look like since his movie was announced—Marvel unveiled the above piece of concept art along with the news. But now we’ve got a slightly better look, direct from Captain America: Civil War’s Berlin-based filming! Come take a peek. Spoilers ahead. » 8/12/15 12:58pm 8/12/15 12:58pm

20 Total Bots In Transformers 2 — Including One Major Surprise

The sequel to Michael Bay's supercar movie Transformers will up the ante, with 20 transforming robots total: 10 good bots and 10 evil ones, says writer Roberto Orci. And some new photos of the Transformers 2 filming may give some clues to which characters from the Transformers universe could be showing up, including… » 6/02/08 8:20am 6/02/08 8:20am