Talk about the end of the world with Annalee Newitz and Seth Mnookin

Today from 12-1 PM PST, Annalee Newitz will be here talking about her new book, Scatter, Adapt and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction. She'll be in conversation with MIT science journalism professor Seth Mnookin, author of The Panic Virus. And with you! Join us in a conversation about mass extinction,… » 5/14/13 11:58am 5/14/13 11:58am

Gawker Book Club: Seth Mnookin's The Panic Virus

Our latest iteration of the Gawker Book Club features The Panic Virus, a forensic and infuriating account of the genesis and spread of the vaccines-cause-autism meme by Vanity Fair contributor and Gawker pal Seth Mnookin. » 1/14/11 10:19am 1/14/11 10:19am